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Log all assemblies used

Sometimes it’s quite helpful to know which assembly is currently used by an application.  Microsoft has an example in their MSDN-Article explaining AssemblyName.Version Property. So this article is more a reminder because it’s quite helpful on application initialization to log the assemblies sometimes. But logging should not be done too early, because assemblies are not […]

Creating Active Directory Contacts using

I need to create an application syncing 2 Active Directories: For each User in Actice Directory A, a Contact-Document should be created in Active Directory B. .net Framework already provides System.DirectoryServices for this purpose. Doing some tests I got the following  System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException: “The server is unwilling to process the request.” OK, maybe I should wait […]

Easiest way of deployment

When it comes to deployment of projects there are several ways, as described for example on MSDN. Working with for several years I’ve found the easiest way of deployment for myself is using zip / rar to pack an archive of updated files. This works very well in both company and personal webserver […]