• Create HTML5 Charts using Chartist JS and asp.net

    After RGraph has changed their license type and I also saw an article about Chartist JS in Smashing Magazine I checked what needs to be done to move. Chartist is hosted on Github so it’s open source and also free according to their current license.

    I’ve already written a blog post how to Create HTML5 Charts using ASP.net and RGraph so I used this code and transferred it to Chartist JS. And well, it’s just 2 minutes work.

    Of course you have to reference the library, so add the script and the css to your page:

    Then add the script for your chart and the div for the chart itself:


    In the backend compute the values you want to show. Probably you would like to read them from SQL DB or else, but I just code them for easier understanding in this example. Take care: chartDate needs 2 square brackets!


    And that’s all.

    Of course you could do much more with Chartist, like Animations, tooltips etc., but current post should only give you a first overview how to start with asp.net and Chartist JS. Now have a look at their examples and create your own charts.

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