Error running iOS in Xamarin: Please select a valid device before running the application

Yesterday I bought my Xamarin License for iOS and so I wanted to compile my first app today. I switched the startup project to iOS and clicked “Start”, but I only got the following error message from Microsoft Visual Studio:

Please select a valid device before running the application.

I checked the device selector dropdown list, and there I only had “Device”, not simulators.

Hmm… Xamarin Agent is already connected to my mac.

So what else could it be? Ah… there has been an update lately, and I did not update Xamarin Studio on my Mac.

So simply start Xamarin Studio on the Mac. You don’t need a valid license there, Starter Edition is fine. The click “Xamarin Studio” and “Check for Updates”.

This will automatically download and also asks to install after downloading.

And after restart, all simulators are available in my Visual Studio 2015.

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