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Easiest way of deployment

When it comes to deployment of projects there are several ways, as described for example on MSDN. Working with for several years I’ve found the easiest way of deployment for myself is using zip / rar to pack an archive of updated files. This works very well in both company and personal webserver […]

TFS 2005: TF30177: Team Project Creation failed

Today I wanted to add a new Project to my Team Foundation Server (TFS 2005). Unfortunately it did not work as expected. I entered all the data, and then it stops with error message TF30177: Team Project Creation failed. The details contained some more error codes like TF3004: The New Team Project Wizard encountered an […]

The breakpoint will not currently be hit…

The source code is different from the original version. To allow the breakpoint to be hit when the source code is different, right-click on the breakpoint, choose ‘Location ….’, and turn on ‘Allow the source code to be different from the original version.’ To allow this for all breakpoints, disable the option “Require source files […]