How to re-install a hidden Windows 10 app from Microsoft Store

I’ve created a Windows 10 Universal App and uploaded a beta to the store. It’s approved by Microsoft so it’s available now. I’ve set visibility to hidden and created some promotional codes so only users with the code are able to download the app. I’ve used the first code and installed it on my Windows 10 client. Everything is fine.

Then I’ve uninstalled the app from my client and now I want to re-install it from Microsoft Store but I don’t find an option to do so!!!!

  1. First I opened the link which was provided by Microsoft in the “Your submission has passed certification” mail. It’s a link to the Microsoft Store. It opens and shows details about my app, but there is not Download or Install button even though I’m logged in with my account.
  2. I’ve clicked on the initial link which leads to . I am logged in with my account. I enter my code and it says: “This code has already been redeemed.”
  3. So I use another code from my list. It shows the name of my app and I click on ‘Redeem’. Then it says: “You already own this. Why not give your code to a friend?”
  4. I’ve also checked my Dashboard on but there is no option to download or install. Additionally this would not work for my other betatesters of course.

So how could I re-install my hidden app from Microsoft Store?


The only thing that worked: Use the next code with a different Microsoft Account! This will show you the link to the installation:


The Product ID could e.g. be found in Microsofts mail as it contains a link to[YourProductIDHere] . ProductID is typically a 12 characters mix of letters and numbers.

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