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The breakpoint will not currently be hit…

The source code is different from the original version. To allow the breakpoint to be hit when the source code is different, right-click on the breakpoint, choose ‘Location ….’, and turn on ‘Allow the source code to be different from the original version.’ To allow this for all breakpoints, disable the option “Require source files […]

Modify large text in SQL Backend

The problem with editing large texts in SQL Backend is that the text is broken up into separate lines, so the “carriage return” character at the end of the first line is interpreted by anything SQL as the “I’ve finished typing, now go do that” command. The quickest way around it is simply to update […]

Display ‘Please wait’ popup

This procedure explains how to add a ‘Please wait’ screen to an application. By default at server process (e.g. saving a request) you only see a progress bar in the status bar   . If it’s a long running process you might not see any update for a longer time, and users might think that […]