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Xamarin Tips

While developing Xamarin Forms application and watching trainings from Xamarin University, some tips and best practices are mentioned so I write them down here as a reminder for myself (and maybe as a starting point for you).

Using HockeyApp with Xamarin Forms

HockeyApp is quite popular, mainly for collection crash reports, but also helpful for distribution, user feedback etc. To add it into your Xamarin Forms Application, I found video Integrating HockeyApp to Xamarin Forms by Houssem Dellai very helpful. Also How to integrate HockeyApp with Xamarin on HockeyApp Support is helpful but it’s not especially about […]

Automatic creation of App Logos in different sizes

Both iOS and Android expect app logos in different sizes, starting from 29×29. Of course you could manually create all the icons, but it’s more convenient to do it with a script. Xamarin.Forms Kickstarter is an excellent starting point for lots of different examples, e.g. Layouting, Web Access, Geolocation and lots more. There is also […]

Xamarin Forms Plugins

The following plugins are quite helpful. Currently most of the plugins are used in sessions from Xamarin University or from Xamarin Forms Kickstarter but the list will be updated whenever something helpful comes along my way.