Mobile business strategy wanted? How to best implement an app for your company

As a result of increased market pressure and a special spirit of optimism, more and more companies are looking for mobile app strategies for their companies. Due to uncertainty or lack of information, however, many people are reluctant to do so. Mobile Strategy Coach Marco Seraphin explains what is important for a professional company app and how to implement it.

For german readers, his article is available on his Xing Coach Site also in german language: Mobile Unternehmensstrategie gesucht? Wie Sie eine App für Ihre Firma am besten umsetzen

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How to read all contacts from local Addressbook using Xamarin Forms

Sometimes it’s a benefit for the user if you could read his contacts and show them in a list so the user could select one or more of them. To read all contacts from a local Addressbook on iOS or Android using Xamarin Forms, James Montemagno has created a Contacts Plugin some time ago.

Be sure to be informed about these information about the Contacts Plugin:

  • James does not actively support it anymore (and therefore the github repository shows a notice “This Plugin is not under Development and not supported”)
  • The Plugin never left alpha status (latest version is 0.77) .
  • It’s not available on nuget anymore.

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Backupbuddy Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query – Unknown collation: utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci

BackupBuddy is a WordPress Plugin with lots of options, like scheduled backups to remote locations etc. It’s also helpful if you want to migrate your WordPress installation to another server, but in some cases it just returns the following error messages when trying to import the MySQL Tables (using included ImportBuddy) to your new MySQL server:

Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query. Error: `Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci’` Errno: `1273`. Click to view error details in the Knowledge Base

Followed by lots of these:

Error #9010: Unable to import SQL query. Error: `Table ‘mysqldb.wp_commentmeta’ doesn’t exist` Errno: `1146`. Click to view error details in the Knowledge Base

If you click on the provided links you’ll only get some very common information that something did not work….

The problem is caused by collation not available on your target system. You could read more about collation names on MySQL Documentation.

So here is short information how to fix that problem.

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Fussball im TV 2.0 für iOS erschienen

Heute ist es endlich soweit: Die App Fussball im TV ist seit heute in Version 2.0 im iOS AppStore erhältlich!

Insgesamt erreichten wir ja auch mit der ersten Version bereits über 200.000 Downloads, aber während sowohl die Android-(135.000 Downloads) als auch die Windows-Version (50.000 Downloads) sehr erfolgreich waren, dümpelte die iPhone-Version mit nur 15.000 Downloads nur so vor sich hin. Das ist eigentlich auch gar nicht so verwunderlich, denn gerade die iOS-Version beschränkte sich wirklich nur auf das Wesentlichste. Was lag als näher als die App für iPhone und iPad komplett neu zu entwicklen? Diesmal natürlich direkt mit Xamarin Forms.

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